Obediah Stoner

Obediah Stoner
Son of John Stoner and Elisabeth ____

b. 25 Jul 1834 Dauphin Co., PA
d. 28 Jan 1889 Richland Co., OH

Married: 28 May 1854, Dauphin Co., PA
(1.) Letitia Lyne
b. abt. 1834 Harrisburg, PA
d. 20 Aug 1859 Harrisburg, PA
Daughter of: Henry and Amelia Lyne of Harrisburg, PA

1. Female child Stoner (1855 - 1856)
Lillie Amelia Stoner (1857 - 1858)

Married: 29 Sep 1861 Richland Co., OH
(2.) Margaret Fidler

b. abt. 1841 Richland Co., OH
d. 10 Jul 1878 Carlyle, AK
Daughter of John and Elizabeth Fidler of Richland Co., OH

1. John W. Stoner (1860 - )
Elizabeth C. Stoner (1864 - )
Mary Jane Stoner (1865 - )
Joseph Elmer Stoner (1867 - 1942)
Amanda M. Stoner (1868 - )
6. Augustus W. Stoner (1870 - 1921)
Sadie Stoner (1873 - )
Lydia S. Stoner (1875 - )
9. George F. Stoner (1876 - >1916)

Obediah Stoner was born in Dauphin County, PA in 1834 and baptized at the Shoops Lutheran Church in Lower Paxton Township1. He married Leticia Lyne in 1854 and attended the Zion Lutheran Church, a German Reformed church at the time2. They had two children, both of whom died before they were two years old. Leticia died a year after their second child in 18593.

Civil War Cook HouseObediah then moved to Richland County Ohio and, according to a story by Delbert M. Stoner, he fathered a child with Margaret Fidler, John W. Stoner, who was born in 1860. Obediah and Margaret married in 1861, and their son, John W. was raised by Margaret's father, John Fidler4.

Obediah then served in the Ohio Volunteers Infantry 163rd Company E in the Civil War as company cook. According to Delbert Stoner, Obediah was quite strong, as he would pick up whiskey barrels and move them on one shoulder. Just prior to his discharge in 1864, Obediah caught a comrade stealing from the cook tent, and ordered him out. The man turned to leave, grabbed a candlestick and struck Obediah on the head near his left eye, causing him to be nearly blind in his left eye and partially blind in the right. The man was bucked and quartered while Obediah observed6. In his military files, Obediah is described as 28 years old, 5'8" tall, light complexion, grey eyes and black hair. His occupation is listed as a farmer.

Typical Homesteading familyUpon his return to Richland County, he and Margaret had eight more children, and some time after 1876, they, along with Margaret's brother, James Fidler, traveled to Carlyle, Arkansas to homestead7. The trip took three months, in a covered wagon. As recalled by Delbert Stoner of a story told to him by his father, Joseph Elmer Stoner, they had an old cow and a covered wagon. They would walk ten miles a day, then stop for the night. The boys would all sleep under the wagon while the girls slept in the wagon. Lydia, who was 2 or 3 at the time, used to pick posies along the way. When they finally settled in Carlyle, there were not people nearby. There was a valley with a big tree on a hill, and the road rose up along one side. When they heard wagons on the road, the children would run up to greet them.Unfortunately, misfortune struck again and Margaret died in 1878, before Obediah could claim the homestead land. Obediah packed up the wagon and eight children ages ranging from 2 years old to 14 and made the three-month journey back to Richland County, Ohio8. Through Joseph E. Stoner as told to his son Delbert, the land was turned over to James Fidler, who supposedly stayed to claim the homestead.

Now back in Richland County, Ohio, widowed, the four youngest children, Augustus, Sadie, Lydia, and George are raised by the Thomas Newlon Family9; Jennifer and Amanda are raised by a Cline Family10. Obediah does miscellaneous work for his father, John Stoner on his farm11. Obediah's mother dies in 1883, then his father in 188712. In John Stoner's will, Obediah is left $1,133.32 from the settlement of the estate13. Unfortunately, before the estate is finalized, Obediah dies in 1889. After administration, the remaining $934.50 is then distributed to eight children in the amount of $116.81 each14. (Obediah's first son, John W. is not mentioned in the will.) It was also told By Delbert Stoner that Obediah was thought to be buried in the London Cemetery in Jackson Twp., the same as his mother and father.

Obediah & Letitia (Lyne) Stoner's Daughters:

Female child Stoner

b. 24 Aug 1855 Harrisburg, PA
d. 28 Aug 1856 Harrisburg, PA

Lillie Amelia Stoner

b. 28 Apr 1857 Harrisburg, PA
d. 18 Jul 1858 Harrisburg, PA

Letitcia Lyne's father, Henry Lyne was a Lt. Col. E. 15th Infantry in the Revolutionary war. The Lyne family is in Harrisburg, PA in 1850 to wit: Henry Lyne is 45 y/o, a painter with wife Amelia Lyne, 45 years old. Their children and ages are: Latticia 16, Elisabeth 15, Mary 13, John M. 10, Ruth A. 7, Edward 6, Catherine 3, and Lewis C 1.

Harrisburg Historical Cemetery

Letitia (Lyne) Stoner w/o Obediah, along with their two daughters are buried in the Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery, now the Harrisburg Historical Cemetery Lot V-63. The Henry Lyne family is also buried there.

Obediah & Margaret (Fidler) Stoner's Daughters:

Elizabeth C. "Lizzie" Stoner

b. abt. 1864 Richland Co., OH
_____ Cline
Son of:

Lizzie Cline is listed as an heir in Obediah Stoner's Will in 1889. She received $116.81.

Mary Jane "Jennie" Stoner

b. 17 Apr 1865 Richland Co., OH
d. 16 Apr 1957 Richland Co., OH
Thomas R. Newlon
b. Sep. 10, 1851 Mansfield, Richland Co., OH
d. Nov. 11, 1918 Mansfield, Richland Co., OH
Son of: William Richard Newlon and Margaret Leach

1. Daughter _____ Newlon
2. Chester J. Newlon
3. Lawrence D. Newlon
4. (son) A. F. Newlon

Jennie Newlon is listed as an heir in Obediah Stoner's Will in 1889.

As Recalled by Mary Katharine (Stoner) Snyder: "Jennie married and had one girl. The girl had tuberculosis. The family moved to Denver, CO where the climate was drier in the hopes of curing their daughter. When they moved to Colorado, they gave an organ to Charles and Mary Stoner (son of Augustus Stoner). Aunt Jen had quite a bit of money, and at the time had asked Mary Leurene (Stoner) Wein (dau. Of Augustus Stoner) if she wanted to move to Denver with them."

Mansfield News Journal, 17 Apr 1957
Mrs. Mary Jane (Jennie) Newlon, 91, widow of Thomas R. Newlon, died Tuesday at General Hospital following a brief illness. Born July 26, 1865 near Ganges, Mrs. Newlon lived in Denver, Col. for 23 years returning here in 1947. She was a member of the Second Church of Christian Scientist in Denver. Surviving are two sons, Chester J. Newlon, 600 Scholl Rd.; and Lawrence D. Newlon of Grand Rapids, Mich.; three grandchildren, one great-grandchild and one sister, Mrs. Sarah Steel of Bay Village. The body was removed to the Wappner Funeral Home. Services will be held there at 3 p.m. Thursday, in charge of Reader Lester Young. Burial will be in the Mansfield Cemetery. Friends may call starting Wednesday evening.

Mary Jane (Stoner) Newlon is buried in the Mansfield Cemetery, Plot Section 3, Lot 90, next to her husband, Thomas Newlon.

Amanda M. "Mandy" Stoner

b. abt. 1868 Richland Co., OH

Amanda Stoner is listed as an heir in Obediah Stoner's Will in 1889.

Sadie Stoner
b. abt. 1873 Richland Co., OH

Sadie Stoner is listed as an heir in Obediah Stoner's Will in 1889. After Obediah's death, Thomas Newlon became her guardian.

9 Mar 1889 Richland Shield and Banner (Richland Co., OH): Thos. Newlon, guardian of Augustus, Sadie, Lydia and Geo. Stoner, children of Obediah and Margaret Stoner.  Bond $1,800.

14 Mar 1889 Admitted to Probate (Richland Co., OH): Thomas Newlon named guardian of Augustus, Sadie, Lydia and George Stoner, children of Obediah and Margaret Stoner.  Bond $1800.

Lydia S. Stoner
b. 6 Feb 1875 Cass Twp., Richland Co., OH
d. 3 Oct 1954 Richland Co., OH
Married: 11 Mar 1890 Richland Co., OH
Emanuel Beer
b. 6 Feb 1870
d. 17 Dec 1945 Richland Co., OH
Son of: Fred Beer and Barbara (Hunsinger)

1. Charles Alfred Beer (1892 - 1948)
2. Harry E. Beer (1894 - 1980)
3. Martin E. Beer (1896 - 1971)
4. Grace A. Beer (m. Norrick) (1898 - 1990)
5. George F. Beer (1902 - 1962)
6. Albert R. Beer (1905 - 1982)
7. Reta P. Beer (m. Campbell) (1907 - 1945)
8. Chester L. Beer (1911 - 1981)
9. Carl E. Beer (1912 - 1977)
10. Richard Beer (1916 - 1974)

Lydia Stoner and Emanuel Beer Family

Lydia S. Stoner is listed as an heir in Obediah Stoner's Will in 1889. After Obediah's death, Thomas Newlon became her guardian.

It is said that Lydia married Emanuel Beer and her brother Joseph E. Stoner married Emanuel's sister, A. Sophia Beer along with another Beer sibling, Fred Beer who married Jennie Tucker at a triple wedding.

Lydia (Stoner) Beer Obituary:
Mansfield News Journal, 4 Oct. 1954, page 8-A Widow of Emanuel Beer. Survived by seven sons, Harry E., Martin E., George F., Albert R., Chester L., Carl E. and Richard; a daughter, Mrs. Herbert Norrick; a sister; 23 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren. Services: Wappner Funeral Home; burial in Mansfield Cemetery. 

Gravemarker of Lydia (Stoner) and Emauel Beer
Lydia (Stoner) Beer is buried next to her husband, Emanuel Beer in the Mansfield Cemetery, Plot Section 48, Lot 68. Richland Co., OH.


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