Nicholas S. Stoner

Nicholas Stephen Stoner
Son of Donald Frank Stoner and Elaine Ann (Beaverson)

b. 18 Feb 1967 Wood County, Ohio

m. 26 Nov 1985 Bradenton, FL
(1) Anna Marie Baker
b. 28 May 1966 Letcher, KY
Daughter of: James Baker and Jacqueline (Berks)
Divorced: 3 Sep 1992 Wayne Co., MI

1. Erica Lynn Stoner (1988)

m. 18 Jun 1993 Livingston Co., MI
(2) Kristin Karol Straley
b. 25 June 1967 Indianapolis, IN
Daughter of: Ronald Russell Straley and Carla Carol (Vawter) of Indianapolis, IN

1. Alexander Haans Stoner (1992)
2. Samantha Hydee Stoner (1993)
3. Ivonova Elizabeth Stoner (1998)
4. Stephen Wolf Valkenhaus (1993) Adopted 2017

In 2011, Nicholas had his dna tested (kit #202967) at Family Tree DNA, yDNA Haplogroup R1b1a2-m269. He is part of the Projects: Steiner DNA, Viking and Invader DNA, R-U152 and Subclades, and R1b and All Subclades.

In May 2016, Nicholas, along with his wife Kristin and daughters Samantha and Ivonova legally changed their last name from Stoner to Valkenhaus. Nicholas's legal name became Nicholas Von Valkenhaus, Kristin's legal name became Kristin Von Valkenhaus, Samantha's legal name became Samantha Hydee Valkenhaus, and Ivonova's legal name became Ivonova Elizabeth Valkenhaus.  In May 2017, Stephen Granger Tharrington was legally adopted by Nick and Kristin, changing his legal name to Stephen Wolf Valkenhaus. Also in May 2017, Stephen's wife Kirstie and their two daughters legally changed their last name to Valkenhaus.


Daughter of Nicholas Stoner and Anna (Baker):

Erica Lynn Stoner
b. 22 Jan 1988, Wayne Co., MI

Son of:


Daughters of Nicholas (Stoner) Valkenhaus and Kristin (Straley):

Samantha Hydee (Stoner) Valkenhaus
b. 29 Nov 1993, Wayne Co., MI

Son of:

In May 2016, Ottawa Co., OH Samantha legally changed her name from Samantha Hydee Stoner to Samantha Hydee Valkenhaus.
Ivonova Elizabeth (Stoner) Valkenhaus
b. 13 Mar 1998, Wayne Co., MI

Married: 13 Jan 2017, Ottawa Co., OH
Peter Landis Janke

b. 20 Oct. 1993, Copenhagen Denmark
Son of: Erik Janke b. 19 Sep 1957 of Copenhagen, Denmark and Jamie (Peck) b. 11 Dec 1957 Suffolk, NY USA
In May 2016, Ottawa Co., OH Ivonova legally changed her name from Ivonova Elizabeth Stoner to Ivonova Elizabeth Valkenhaus.  When she and Peter (Landis Janke) married, Peter took Ivonova's last name of Valkenhaus, becoming Peter Janke Valkenhaus.


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