Joseph Elmer Stoner 1867 - 1942

Joseph Elmer Stoner
Son of Obediah Stoner and Margaret Fidler

b. 18 Apr 1867 Richland Co., OH
d. 19 Jun 1942 Richland Co., OH

Married: 11 Mar 1890 Richland Co., OH
Alice Sophia "Sophie" Beer
b. 1 Oct 1872 Richland Co., OH
d. 17 Jan 1936 Richland Co., OH
Daughter of: Fred Beer and Barbara (Hunsinger)

1. George A. Stoner (1893 - 1895)
2. Laura Stoner (1890 - 1972)
3. Allen Joseph Stoner (1896 - 1985)
4. Plauma Fern Stoner (1901 - 1961)
5. Delbert Merl Stoner (1904 - 1998)

Beer FamilyJoseph Elmer Stoner was a man of humor. He referred to himself as a carpenter and his son Delbert as a "wood butcher". He had red hair and occasionally spoke with a thick accent. Delbert recalled that Joseph had a couple of words or phrases he used that sounded Scottish; this made Delbert think the family came from England rather than Germany. When Delbert asked where the Stoner family came from, Joseph replied, "A crow dropped us on a stump in Scranton, Pennsylvania and the sun hatched us out."1

When Obediah Stoner (Joseph's father) moved with the family to homestead in Carlyle, Arkansas, Joseph recalled a three month trip to get there. The girls would all sleep in the wagon while the boys slept underneath. When they got to Arkansas, he recalls that they were in an area with no other people around, and when they heard someone coming on the road, they would all run up the hill to greet them. Unfortunately, while there, their mother, Margaret (Fidler) Stoner died in July 1878. Obediah packed-up the family and headed back to Richland County, Ohio. Joseph was about 12 years old upon their return around late 1878. The family was separated and raised by several families of the area.2

In March 1890, just before his 23rd birthday, he married Alice Sophia Beer, "Sophie"3. It is said that is was a triple wedding with Joseph Stoner marrying Sophie Beer, his sister Lydia Stoner marrying Sophie's brother Emanuel Beer, and Sophie and Emanuel's brother Fred Beer marrying Jennie Tucker. It must have been quite a reception! It is said that the Beer's were short and bald, and the Stoner's were tall and hairy…

Joseph Stoner

Joseph and Sophie then have five children. Their first child, George A. Stoner was born January 6th 18934 and died at 2 years old. As recalled by Delbert Stoner from a story his mother (Sophie) told, George was outside playing on the fence when he fell on his head. After that, he was not "right". He was listless and so forth. He died about two days later.5

After Sophie died in 1936, Joseph spent his last several years living with his son Delbert. He became ill and was in the Mansfield Hospital. When Delbert asked what he thought of the hospital gowns, Joseph replied, "T'aint nothin' you'd go fishin' in." Joseph died at 77 years old with a full head of pure white hair. His cause of death was prostate cancer6. He is buried in Lance Cemetery in Madison Township, Richland County, Ohio.7 The Lance Cemetery is also referred to as the Beer Cemetery.

Joseph and Sophie's Daughters:

Laura Stoner
b. 17 Oct 1890 Madison Twp., OH
d. 10 Jan 1972 Mansfield, OH
Theodore H. McLaughlin
b. 1882
d. 1962
Son of:

1. Artis McLaughlin
2. Gertrude McLaughlin (1915 -)
3. Vivian Fern McLaughlin
4. Anita June McLaughlin
5. Laura Eileen McLaughlin
6. Virginia McLaughlin

Gravemarker for Laura (Stoner) McLaughlin and her husband Thoedore

Laura (Stoner) McLaughlin is buried with her husband in the Lanz Cemetery in Mansfield, Richland Co., OH.

The McLaughlin and Stoner families would get together each year for a family reunion in Mansfield, Ohio. The photo below was taken at a family reunion in 1930.

(click on photo for larger view)

Obituary for Laura (Stoner) McLaughlin:
Mansfield News Journal 10 Jan 1972, page 16. Mrs. Laura A. McLaughlin, 81, widow of Theodore H. McLaughlin, 938 City View Drive; died at Mansfield General Hospital. Born in Mansfield. Member of St. Timothy Lutheran Church. Survived by: Son, Artis (1645 S. Main St.); 5 daughters -- Mrs. Gertrude McKinley (938 City View Dr.), Mrs. Gary Balliett (Mansfield), Mrs. Virginia Konver (Mansfield), Mrs. Richard Brightbill (Hayesville), and Mrs. Ned Hughen (Indianapolis).

Plauma Fern Stoner
b. 18 Mar 1901 Richland Co., OH
d. 17 Dec 1961 Richland Co., OH
Elbert E. McElvain
b. 16 Jun 1901 Richland Co., OH
Son of:

1. LaDonna McElvain
2. Gerald McElvain

Obituary for Plauma Fern (Stoner) McElvain:
Mansfield News Journal 18 Dec. 1961, page 3. Mrs. Pluma F. McElvain, 60, 273 Hickory Lane; wife of Elbert E. McElvain. Died at People's Hospital, Mansfield. Member, Free Methodist Church. Survived by: Husband; Son , Rev. Gerald E. McElvain of the Free Methodist Church, Dayton; Daughter, Mrs. Robert Barrett, Columbus; Brothers -- Allen J. Stoner (125 Bowman St.), Delbert M. Stoner (Pugh Road); Sister, Mrs. Theodore McLaughlin (550 VonHof Avenue).

Plauma F. (Stoner) McElvain is buried in the Mansfield Memorial Park, Mansfield, Richland Co., OH.  


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