The Last Will and Testament of John Stoner is filed in Richland County, Ohio court house Volume 9, Pages 26 and 27 in the Richland County Wills. To see a larger view of the will, just click on the photos, they are somewhat legible. A transcription of John Stoner's Record of Said Will is below.

The Last Will of John Stoner Presented for Probate
October 25th AD 1887
For Hearing
On the 29th day of October AD 1887 at 2 o'clock PM
Filed October 29th AD 1887

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Notice to Heirs

Notice to Heirs


Application for Probate of Will

Filed and Recorded Will p.1

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Record of Said Will

"In the Name of the Benevolent Father of all, I John Stoner of Franklin Township, Richland County Ohio, Being Well advanced in years, yet Possessed of sane mind and of good understanding for one of my age yet impressed with the uncertainty of Life and Being desirous to Arrange my Earthly affairs to my own satisfaction do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament as follows to Wit:
Item 1st In the event of my death I commit my Soul to the God who gave it and my Body to the Tomb. To be buried by my friends beside my wife in the London Cemetery. I further direct that my Executor erect common tombstones at the grave of myself and wife the same to be paid out of my estate.
Item 2nd In the event of my death I desire my Executor to make early provision for the payment of funeral expenses, expenses of administration, and also for the payment of all my just debts that I may owe at the time of my death. I further direct my Executor to sell at public sale all of my personal property of every description as soon after my death as my Executor may think the most proper for such sale and upon such terms of credit as my Executor may see proper to give. I further direct my Executor to collect and adjust all claims due me upon such terms as he may think to be just and equitable.
Item 3rd I further acknowledge the services of my son Obediah Stoner from the time he came back from Arkansas as for which I desire he shall be paid for a just and reasonable compensation for said services. First taking in consideration the amount paid him at different times as charged against him in my Book Account. And in the event my son and my Executor cannot agree in a just settlement then and in that case I desire that my son choose one man and my Executor one, and the two choose the third man and the three act as a court of arbitration to settle the same by taking in account all differences and my account and the award they may make to be final and for service shall them be paid out of my estate.
Item 4th In the event of my death I hereby authorize and empower my Executor to Sell all of my real estate that I may die siezed of the same to be sold as soon after my death that my Executor may think advisable and to be to the best interest of my estate. I hereby authorize and empower my Executor (hereafter named) to sell my real estate at private sale for the highest and best bid and upon the following terms of credit (Cash in hand $4,000.00 or as soon after the day of sale as my Executor may name) Balance in three equal annual payments with 6% interest from day of sale or when the deed is made interest payable annually and I hereby authorize and empower my Executor to execute and deliver to the purchaser a deed in fee simple free from all encumbrances whatsoever for the premises so sold in same manner and form as if I was living.
Item 5th I hereby desire or bequeath the residue of my estate to my heirs as follows to wit: To John Henry Stoner or to his heirs five dollars and no more and to the remainder of my estate to be equally divided between my son Obediah Stoner and my three daughters namely Sarah H. Keller, Susan Wolfe and Elizabeth Hannivious or their heirs. In the event of any of the above named heirs resort to law by not being satisfied with their bequest then I hereby disinherit such in this my Will and his or her share shall be equally divided between remainder of the heirs.
Item 6th I hereby nominate and appoint Christian C. Laser Executor of this my Last Will and Testament with the power to fully carry out all of its provisions above named.
Item 7th I hereby revoke all forms of Wills made by me if any and hereby declare this to be my Last Will and Testament for all intents and purposes therein named.
In Testamony whereof I hereby set my hand seal this thirteenth day of October A.D. 1883."

John Stoner Signature
This is John's signature from his hand-written Last Will and Testament.


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