Jacob Stoner 1775 - 1856
(Alsace, Germany - PA - Ashland Co., OH)
B1 Jacob Stoner b.1775, Perhaps near Alsace Germany(1) or PA(2) d. 1856 Ashland, Co. OH(2). In the year 1835 he move into Ashland Co. from PA(2). May have had two brothers Abraham and Isaac(1). He was the progenitor of 12 Children. m.1________Musser
B11 Pollie Stoner d. 1843, Killed in a runaway accident near Pittsburg PA. m. John Lambert, one child Susan
B12 Susan Stoner m. Jacob Lambert, large family
B13 Mattie Stoner m. Nicholas Masters, six children, Alexander, Lizzie, Mary, George B., Tillie and Sarah.
B14 Barbara Stoner m.1 Jacob Wagner, four children, Jacob, Bettie, Katie and Mary
m.2 Daniel Hoffman, two children, John and Mattie
B15 Christian Stoner m. Peggie Moses
B151 Elizabeth Stoner m. Van Boskirk
B152 Jacob Stoner died in early manhood
B153 Isaac Stoner died in Houston, Texas of yellow fever.
B154 Maggie Stoner m. Eldridge Sawyer, one child Lou was hurt 25 years ago & has been bed ridden ever since.
B155 Henry Stoner never married.
B16 Henry Stoner m. Magdalena Glessner
B161 Edward Stoner m. Eva Coliver
B162 Caroline Stoner m.1 Frank Crain, one daughter who married Clinton Cotton of Gallup, MN.
m.2 Daniel McGugin , one child, Charles K.
B163 Jefferson Stoner killed in the Civil War.
B164 Peter Stoner killed in the Civil War.
B165 Sarah Stoner m. Dudley Haywood, five children, Emma, Minnie, Julia, James, and Henry.
B166 Susan Stoner m. Samuel Sampson
B167 Will Stoner m. Alice Green
B1671 Boy Stoner
B1672 Boy Stoner
B1673 Mabel Stoner deceased.
B1678 Anna Stoner m. E. Alender, four children, Roy- deceased, Charles, Samuel and Harry
B17 John Stoner m. Judith Miller
B171 Jacob Stoner died when less than a one month old.
B172 Hannah Stoner m.1 Jacob Shriver, Three children, Milton who died in infancy, Morrell and Lincoln
B173 Philip Q. Stoner was a Capt. In the Civil m. Libbie Thomson War and a member of the 2nd IA that led the charge under Gen. Smith at Fort Donalson Feb. 14, 1862, where he lost his right arm.
B1731 Carl Inglis m. Esther Conn
B17311 Ruth Stoner
B17312 Helen Stoner
B17313 John Stoner deceased
B174 Will Stoner m.1 Maria Doud, three children
m.2 Almira Riggs, no issue
B1741 Maud Stoner died when she was 11 years old.
B1742 Anna Stoner died when she was about 20 years old. m. Charles Singer, one child, Roy
B1743 Philura Stoner m. Will Kirkpatrick
B17431 Letha Stoner
B17432 Hazel Stoner deceased
B17433 Wade Stoner deceased
B175 Christian Stoner Killed in the Civil War at the battle of Winchester July 24, 1864, his body was never found, Company G, 23rd OVI
B176 Elizabeth Stoner m. William Martien, died in Civil War., Two children, Edith and Mabel
B177 John Stoner Served in the Civil War, 23 OVI m. Eliza Lee
B1771 Fred Stoner
B1772 Myrtle Stoner died Mar. 1906
B1773 Wanda Stoner
B1774 James Stoner
B178 Abraham Stoner m. Anna Helfenstein
B1781 Elizabeth Stoner Died in infancy
B1782 Abraham Stoner Died in infancy
B1783 Paul Stoner
B1784 Mary Stoner
B1785 Judith Stoner
B1786 Hoy Stoner
B179 Eliza Jane Stoner never married & cares for invalid sister Hannah
B170 Minerva Stoner m. Hezekiah Dick, children, Alice, Emma and Jessie who died May 26, 1904
B17a Annetta Stoner died young m. Steward Schaver, one child, Roy
B1 Jacob Stoner b.1775, Maybe near Alsace Germany1 or PA2 d. 1856 Ashland, Co. OH2. m. Margaret Brown
B18 Sarah Stoner deceased m. William Starm, one child Maggie, all deceased
B19 Julia Ann Stoner m. William Martin, issue, John L.- deceased, Washington J.-deceased, Nelson D. and Charles
B10 Catharine Stoner m. Issac Blakeley, two children, Levisa and Mason
B1a Eliza Stoner m. Marian Robinson, had Lou of West Grove IA, William H. of West Grove IA, Mary of CO.,and John of Lancaster OH.
B1b Abraham Stoner m. Elmira Parsons
B1b1 Ralzamon Stoner who died with no issue.
B1b2 Emma Stoner deceased
B1b3 Nettie Stoner of Des Moines,IA
B1b4 Charles Stoner m. ____________
B1b41 Carl Stoner

1. Stoner family reunion June 25, 1908, Savannah Lake, Rev. A.B. Stoner of Collegeville PA gave a history of the family.
2. History of Ashland County, Ohio, George William Hill, 1876, p.314

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