David Stoner ca. 1877
(Green Springs, OH - Huntington, West Virginia)
JS1 ___________ Stoner May have had a brother named Dave, as Ray Stoner (DS21) remembers an "Uncle Dave Stoner" married to “Aunt Sarah” m. _________Hessick. She m.2 __________ Stonebreaker; her father was a basket maker and had at least one brother named Albert.
JS2 David Stoner Lived near Green Springs, Ohio then moved the family to Huntington, West Virginia and worked as a carpenter. Around 1914 he abandoned the family when the children were still young; it is thought he went to Florida. Laura Etta and the children returned to Green Springs, Ohio except for Ray (DS21) who stayed in West Virginia. David showed up later in Ohio, m. Laura Etta Jopp, b. Oct. 24, 1877 – d. Mar. 9, 1926 dau. of Miller Jopp. and Augusta Horton who m.1 ________ Young. One child Cora Young m. Frank Evy. Augusta had two brothers Benjamin and William.
JS21 Ray Stoner b. June 11, 1896 d. Apr. 28, 1981
Remembers an Uncle Dave Stoner married to “Aunt Sarah”
m. Mary Lee Farley, b. Oct. 9, 1896, Kentucky – d. Aug. 13, 1979, dau. of Thomas J. Farley, b. 1867 – d. 1928 and Lucy ___________ b. 1872 – d. 1954
JS211 Eleanor Stoner m. Myron Hensley, two children Herald, Dwight
JS212 Ralph Stoner b. Nov. 1919 – d. Dec. 1919 Died at 1 month.
JS213 Vincent Stoner b. Sept. 21 – d. 1921, Died at 3 months.
JS214 Donald Lee Stoner b. Feb. 4, 1923 m. Jewell Blankenship, b. Nov. 25, 1927, dau. of Leander “Doc” Blankenship b. Mar. 27, 1802 – d. Feb. 8, 1860 and Mary Jane Canterbury b. Aug. 29, 1899 – d. Jan 21, 1841
JS2141 Ronald Lee Stoner b. Sept. 16, 1948 m. Janice Carol Dolin, b. Mar. 4, 1947
JS21411 Rhonda Ann Brooks Stoner b. June 18, 1971 - adopted
JS21412 Shane Robert Brooks Stoner b. July 25, 1972 - adopted
JS2142 Deborah Jean Stoner b. May 1, 1951 m. Phillip Wayne Bryan, two children, Ingrid Rochelle and Drew Patrick
JS2143 Jeri Lynn Stoner b. Feb. 18, 1953 – d. Dec. 15, 1976, Died in car wreck.
JS2144 Donna June Stoner b. Jan. 5, 1955 m. Raymond Douglas Myers, b. Dec. 1, 1946, two children, Nathan Douglas and Stetson David
JS2145 Duane Alan Stoner b. Aug. 4, 1958 m. Debra Ann Stephen, b. Aug. 5, 1958
JS21451 Ryan Christopher Stoner b. Oct. 10, 1983
JS21452 Lauren Nicole b. Apr. 5, 1987
JS2146 Larry Britt Stoner b. July 7, 1961 m. Crystal Ann Casebolt b. Apr. 2, 1959 – d. Oct. 1991, Died of a heart attack.
JS21461 Mackenzie Morgan Stoner b. Sept. 9, 1989
JS215 James Stoner m. Margie Grant
JS2151 Pam Stoner
JS2152 Steve Stoner m. Tanya Grour
JS21521 Jamison Grant Stoner
JS21522 Tiffany Lynn Stoner
JS216 William Stoner m. Betty Porter
JS2161 Robert Stoner m. Roburta Santmyer
JS21611 Sara Nichole Stoner
JS21612 Tiffany Marie Stoner
JS2162 Linda Stoner m. Bobby Warf, two children Shelley Lynn, Thomas Ray
JS217 Shirley Stoner m. Frank Musgrave, two children, Cherly and Rhonda
JS218 Clarence Edwin Stoner m. Nancy Pugh
JS2181 Martin Ray Stoner m.___________
JS21811 Martin Phillip Stoner
JS2182 Angie Stoner m. Scott Brunson, 3 children
JS2183 Scott Stoner m._________ 3 boys
JS22 Marie Stoner, died at birth
JS23 Cora Stoner m. Aubin House, no children
JS24 Leota Stoner m. Dewy Wagner, Wanda
JS25 Helen Naomi Stoner m. Dale Allen
JS251 La Donna Stoner m. John Smart
JS252 Donald Stoner m. Francis Gates
JS253 James Stoner m. Joann Grass
JS254 Richland Stoner m. Joyce Johannsen
JS255 Thomas Stoner m. Judy Bergman
JS256 Virginia Stoner m. Dennis Park
JS257 Robert Stoner m. Rosan Hewell
JS258 Carol Stoner m. Thalter Kirk
JS259 Margaret Stoner m. Larry Jameson
JS26 Floyd Stoner m. Eleanor Hart, Sue Ann
JS27 Dorothy Stoner Died at birth
JS3 Anna Stoner m. Gus Nappemburg, two children Herb, The other son George was accidentally shot at the age of 15 or 16 years old.
JS4 Jennie Stoner m. John Stewart, children Gabriel, Alice, Anna (Hessick), Fern (Bennehoft), Emma and Nellie.
JS5 John Stoner It has been said that John might of had relatives in PA because he visited there quite often. John was in reform school. m. Emmaline Hessick? five children
JS51 Girl Stoner m.__________, Moved to Florida.
JS52 Girl Stoner m. _________, who owned junk yard in Clyde, later lived on Morrison St. in Fremont.
JS53 Boy Stoner Missing in action during World War II

- Letter from Jewell Stoner, 1995
- Letter from Virginia Park, Port Clinton,OH 1994
- Letter from Donald L. Stoner, Huntington, WV 1995

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