Abraham Stoner (d. ca1741) Family Index
(Lancaster Co., PA)

yDNA Haplogroup R1b1a2-m269
yDNA m269
FTDNA Kit #141633-WGS: Abraham Stoner 1788 - 1863 & Mary (Sherrick)
FTDNA Kit #413329-KWS: John Stoner 1789 - 1867 & Mary (Conner)

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I. Abraham Steiner/Stoner b. abt. 1706 in Rotenbach, Canton of Bern, Switzerland *(undocumented)  d. 1741 Lancaster Co., PA m.1. Elizabeth Brenneman d. After birth of daughter Barbara m.2 Mary Laub/Leib b. unknown d. 1746 Lancaster Co., PA. One of the earliest Orphan’s Court records records in Lancaster, Co., PA, gives information about the family. He patented tracts of land in Manor Warwick, and Lebanon Twp. In Lancaster Co.

1.  Barabara Steiner (dau. of Abraham Stoner and Elizabeth Brenneman) b. Before 1726, Germany m. Martin Lauck/Lick, Winston-Salem, N.C.

2. Abraham Gottleib Steiner (Stoner) b. 07 Dec 1726 Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co., PA d. 26 Aug 1781 Northampton Co., PA. Lived in Northampton Co. PA. Active member of the Moravian church. m. Salone Boerstler After his father’s death he became active in the Moravian church and removed all of his siblings, including his half-sister Barbara, except John, to the Moravain settlements in Northampton Co., PA. He was cited for contempt of court for refusing to return his youngest siblings to their quardians, Ulrich Leip/Leib and Peter Yortee. On Sept. 6, 1748, the court ordered him to the County Goal [jail] till he comply with the same.

2a. Rev. Abraham Gottleib Steiner b. 27 Apr 27 1758 Bethlehem, Northampton Co., PA d. 22 May 1833 North Carolina. m. Catharina ___ b. 21 Mar 1758 d. 11 Aug 1829.  They had 1 child together: Mary Steiner b. 25 Dec 1792 North Carolina, USA d. 27 Nov 1868 m. Christian Frederick Denke b. 08 Sep 1775 PA d. 12 Jan 1838 NC. Abraham Gottleib Stoner went to North Carolina and became a missionary to the American Indians. Rev. Abraham Steiner and his family are buried at the Salem Moravian God's Acre cemetery in Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co., NC.
2b. Henry Steiner b. abt 1762 d. unk
2c. Elizabeth Steiner b. abt 1764 d. unk
2d. Johannes "John" Steiner b. 03 Jun 1766 Schoeneck, Northampton Co., PA d. 06 Oct 1844 Northampton Co., PA m. Magdalena Giering b. unknown d. unk. 1 child: Carl Gottleib Steiner b. 12 Nov 1800 Northampton Co., PA d. 21 Apr 1801 Northampton Co., PA buried in God's Acre Schoeneck cemetery, Northampton Co., PA

3. John Stoner b. ca. 1728 d. 30 Jun 1773 Lancaster Co., PA m. 1762 Elizabeth Herr, dau. of Abraham Herr and Anna (Miller). Became the owner of his father’s farm in Manor Twp. Lancaster Co. PA.; he was a Mennonite.

3a. Abraham Stoner b. 1756 d. 5 Jan 1829 Woodbury Twp, Bedford Co., PA m. Anna Kauffman, b. 6 Oct 1758, Lancaster Co., PA d. 20 Mar 1834, Woodbury Twp, Bedford Co., PA dau. Of Christian Kauffman and Barbara Gochenour. Moved to Woodbury Twp., Bedford Co., PA in 1787. Many of his decendants are Brethren in Christ.

3a1. Christian Stoner b. ca. 1783 Donegal Twp., Lancaster Co. PA d. 30 Jan 1853 Western Province, Bedford Co., PA m. abt. 1808 Mary Ebersole dau. of Jacob Ebersole and Feronica (Mellinger). Had 3 children.
3a2. John Stoner b. 1785 d. 6 Apr 1863 Blair Co., PA m. Lydia Ann Brumbaugh, had Twelve children
3a3. Abraham Stoner b. 26 Mar 1788 d. 07 July 1871 m. Barbara Rhodes b. 01 Sept 1795 d. 30 Jan 1879 Eleven children
3a4. Barbara Stoner b.  4 July 1790 Woodbury Twp, Bedford Co., PA d. 26 March 1865 m. Emanuel Bassler b. 10 July 1790 PA d. 28 Feb 1859 Bedford Co., PA. They had 10 children.
3a4. Jacob Stoner b. 20 Feb 1795 PA d. 30 Sep 1865 Martinsburg, Blair Co., PA m. Barbara Bassler b. 8 June 1802 Blair Co., PA d. 11 Nov 1877 Martinsburg, Blair Co., PA. They had 11 children together.
3a5. Ann Stoner b. 29 April 1799 d. 26 Apr 1822 PA m. 15 Sep 1816 John Nicodemus Bedford Co., PA. They had 3 children together.  John Nicodemus married a second time to Mary Hay in 1826 and had 5 children together.

3b. Christian Stoner b. ca. 1757 d. 1814 m. Barbara Shank b. 1765 d. 1816, dau. of Tobias Shank. Migrated ca. 1800 to East Huntingdon Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA; He was a Mennonite

3b1. John Stoner b. 06 June 1787 d. 07 Aug 1865 m. 11 Oct 1811 Magdalena Fox, b. 30 Oct 1789 d. 21 Apr 1858, dau. of Henry Fuchs and Mary Ruth
3b2. Abraham Stoner b. Nov 1788 d. 1863 m. Mary Sherrick FTDNA Kit #141633-WGS
3b3. Barbara Stoner b. 1790 d. 1845 m. John Wertz
3b4. Elizabeth Stoner b. 05 Oct 1791 d. 03 Dec 1868 m. Rev. Christian Sherrick
3b5. Christian Stoner b. 10 Oct 1793 d. 14 Dec 1873 m. 09 Jan 1817 Anna Stauffer
3b6. Jacob Stoner b. 1795 d. 21 Feb 1858 m.1 Anna Bitler m.2 Sara Fox, dau. Of Henry Fuchs and Mary Ruth
3b7. Daniel Stoner b. 1798 d. 1867 m. Susan__________
3b8. Henry Stoner b. 1799 m. Elizabeth Shirey
3b9. Anna Stoner b. 1801 m. John Rudabaugh
3b10. David Stoner b. 1802

3c. John Stoner b. 1761 d. 1808, Ayr Twp., Bedford Co. (now Fulton Co.) PA m. Ann Kauffman

3c1. Nancy Stoner b. 1785 d. 1866 m. Christian Hershey b. 1783 d. 1858 - Moved about 1813 to Allegheny Co., PA
3c2. John Stoner b. 1789 d. 1867 Lawrence Co., PA m.1. Mary Conner m.2. Catherine _____ FTDNA Kit #413329-KWS
3c3. Andrew Stoner b. 1791 Bedford Co., PA d. 01 Nov 1847 Franklin Co., PA m. Martha Ellen Conner b. 1796 PA d. 1839 Monroe Co., MI. Andrew is buried in the Stone Church Cemetery, Mercersburg, Franklin Co., PA.
3c4. Jacob Stoner b. 1792 d. 1876 m. Anna Catharine Freymeier Lived at McConnellsburg Fulton Co., PA
3c5. Mary Stoner b.1797 d. 1876 Allegheny Co., PA m. Christian Stoner
3c6. Christian Stoner b. 1794 Allegheny Co., PA
3c7. Catherine Stoner b. 1803 d. 1876 m. Samuel Pence

3d.  Jacob Stoner b. 31 Jan 1764 Conestoga, Lancaster Co., PA d. 26 May 1832 Manor Twp, Lancaster Co., PA  m1. Anna Martin b. abt 1760 d. abt. 1781 dau. Of David Martin and Gertraut Sensenig; m2. Elizabeth Kauffman Whitmore b. 30 Aug 1766 d. 3 Apr 1842. Jacob is buried at the Masonville Mennonite Cemetery in Washington Boro, Lancaster Co., PA

3d1. Anna Stoner b. unk d. unk m. Jacob Sauder
3d2. Elizabeth Stoner b. unk d. unk m. John Lynch
3d3. Henry Stoner b. unk d. unk
3d4. Isaac Stoner b. unk d. unk
3d5. Mary Stoner b. unk d. unk
3d6. David W. Stoner b. 04 Feb 1791 d. 25 Jun 1859 Lancaster Co., PA m. Magdalena Reider b. 15 Feb 1799 d. 24 Mar 1874 Lancaster Co., PA. David is buried in the Herr-Gingrich-Reider Graveyard, Elizabethtown, Lancaster Co., PA. 1 child together.
3d7. Jacob W. Stoner b. 23 Sep 1804 Dauphin Co., PA d. 9 Jul 1881 Manheim, Lancaster Co., PA m. Susanna Funk b. 1813 d. 1889
3d8. John Whitmore Stoner b. 26 Feb 1805 d. 30 Mar 1863 Bainbridge, Conoy Twp., Lancaster Co., PA m. Elizabeth Kauffman b. 15 Nov 1810 d. 4 Apr 1887. Both are buried in Stoner-Kauffman Cemetery Bainbridge Lancaster Co., PA.

3e.  Elizabeth Stoner b. 16 Dec 1770 Manor Twp, Lancaster Co., PA d. 15 Jun 1835 Conoy Twp, Lancaster Co., PA m. Johannes "John" Kafman/Kauffman b. 18 Apr 1761 d. 15 Apr 1826, son of Christian Kauffman b. 1723 d. 1806 and Barbara Gochenour. Lived in Conoy Twp., Lancaster Co. PA. They have 5 children together.

4. Maria Magdalene Stoner b. 3 Jul 1731 Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co., PA d. 13 Apr 1799 Plainfield Twp, Northampton Co., PA m. 1762 August Heinrich Franke b. 13 May 1729 Eckertshausen, von Herrnhaag, Wetterau d. 13 Sep 1801 Plainfield Twp, Northampton Co., PA. They were members of the Moravian Church, Bethlehem, Northampton Co., PA.

5. Jacob Steiner b. 25 Jul 1734 Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co., PA d. 21 July 1801 Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co., NC m. 1771 Catherine Beroth b. 25 Feb 1742 d. 05 Jul 1810 Forsyth Co., NC  dau. of Franz Ludwig Beroth and Susanna (Reuter). Jacob was a miller, and was one of the men who came to Wachovia in 1755, and in 1766 was one of those selected to begin construction of the town of Salem, NC. The Moravian records describe the tragic death of their young son Jacob, who fell into the mill-race and drowned. Both Jacob and Catherine are buried in Salem Moravian God's Acre, Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co., PA.

5a. Anna Elisabeth Steiner b. 08 Jul 1778 d. 24 Oct 1842 Forsyth Co., NC m. Conrad Rothaas 1 child
5b. Jacob Steiner b. 1776 d. unk Dec 1777
5c. Abraham Steiner b. 04 Dec 1778 d. 30 Dec 1779
5d. Johann Heinrich Steiner b. 08 Oct 1781 d. 03 Mar 1796
5e. Johannes Steiner b. 23 Aug 1785 d. 29 Nov 1785

6. Anna Elizabeth Steiner b. 11 Nov 1735 Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co., PA d. 13 Jun 1800 Northampton Co., PA. From Warwick, Pa., of Mennonite parentage. She was baptized by Bishop Spangenberg and served as an Acolyte (assistant superintendent) among the girls. Burial: Moravian Cemetery Bethlehem, Northampton Co., PA

7. Christian Renatus Steiner b. 11 Apr 1737 Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co., PA d. after 1800

8. Friederich Heinrich Steiner b. 29 Jan 1739 Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co., PA d. 5 Mar 1820 Bushkill Twp, Northampton Co., PA m1. 25 July 1763 Anna Elizabeth Volz b. unk d. 7 Apr 1772 Plainfield Twp, Northampton Co., PA; m2. 30 July 1773 Susanna Volz b. 7 Apr 1751 Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co., PA d. 01 Nov 1815 Bushkill Twp, Northampton Co., PA

8a. Elisabeth Steiner b. 06 Nov 1769 Northampton Co., PA d. 23 Sep 1851 Schoeneck, Northampton Co., PA m. Gotlieb Stauber b. 08 Feb 1768 Forsyth Co., NC USA d. 04 Jun 1820 Schoeneck, Northampton Co., PA. They had 4 children.
8b. Peter Steiner (son of Friederich and Susanna Volz Steiner) b. 30 Mar 1776 Northampton Co., PA d. 08 Feb 1851 Nazareth, Northampton Co., PA m. Anna Salome Clewell b. 06 Mar 1789 Bushkill Twp, Northampton Co., PA. They had 3 children together.
8c. Abraham Steiner b. 03 May 1779 Northampton Co., PA d. 05 Jun 1847 Northampton Co., PA m1. 11 Feb 1801 Anna Margaretha Dietrich m2. 05 Aug 1827 Rosina Magdalena Kustner
8d. Susanna Steiner b. 15 Jun 1784 Northampton Co., PA d. 10 May 1858 Berks Co., PA m. Philip Plattenberger b. 11 Jun 1786 Northampton Co., PA d. 21 Sep 1866 Northampton Co., PA. They have 4 children.

9. Johann "John" Peter Steiner b. 30 Apr 1741 Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co., PA d. 28 May 1796 Northampton Co., PA. Born at Warwick (Lititz), was educated in the Moravian school at Emaus and, for five years, served in the Nazareth school. Later he followed the trade of wheel-wright at Bethlehem, living in a shop which he erected for himself near the Brethren's House. He remained single. Burial: Moravian Cemetery, Bethlehem, Northampton Co., PA

Notes Compiled from Sources:

- Janet and Robert Wolfe genealogy
- Kenneth Wayne Stoner genealogy as compiled by Nancy McFarland
- Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission
- Abraham Stoner is found in The Exiles – A Narrative of Years Ago, by Matthias Pohl (1869 – 1934) as a potential decendant of Hans Steiner of Emmenthal Valley, Canton of Bern, Switzerland m. Anna Brenneman. *This connection is not confirmed.
- An Essay on the Stoner/Steiner Families of Pennsylvania, Samuel S. Wenger (1988) *Otherwise commonly known as the Pennsylvania Mennonite book.

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